Liver Hill Fell Race 2011

Was revved up for tonight’s Liver Hill race in Rawtenstall – the local ‘my oh my the clocks have just gone forward and we can do something in the evening‘ event.  Having races here last year in pretty nasty boggy conditions, I was looking forward to going over the course on a lovely dry evening, but it wasn’t to be.  I wanted Lily to run (again, for the third year) but despite good planning, couldn’t get any childcare to cover the gaps (she’s only eight and couldn’t be left to hang about waiting for me to finish!).

Anyway – managed to make the best of a bad lot – and use the evening to take a few photos of the race.  Got me away from my desk for a spell too, which seems a rarity in the evenings at the moment.

Lily put in lots of effort which was really lovely to watch – and what it’s all about.  Gushing with pride for the simple things… what a great smile a good race effort produces in a young person.  Wish I could bottle it.