Once more unto the bogs

A quick moment to gather my thoughts before the big off in the 3 peaks cyclocross on Sunday.  It’s an annual pattern of familiar routine always peppered with new things each year to distract me.  The basic sectors of the 3 peaks preparation are complex in themselves – training & fitness, equipment, food & nutrition, planning for support crew, co-ordination of family around the weekend (it’s not just about me, apparently)… etc etc.  Hectic times, but ones to be relished. 

I’m feeling the usual nerve/excitement cocktail at the moment.  It’s not the best of times to get much focused sense out of me.  It actually helps to write things down a bit.

Feeling good about somethings and feeling bad about some… so here’s the list:

  1. Fitness
    I’ve had a clear run since our hols in August and no bad patches.  The body may be getting older but it’s feeling okay.  I’ve had no colds, coughs, or injuries and my lower back problems have got progressively better through stretching and generally being aware of them
  2. The Machinery
    Have the luxury of two bikes that I can honestly say are 3 peaks specific.  I’m very lucky.  My Whyte CX Prototype now has all the stopping power it will ever need thanks to some Heath Robinson work on my part, adapting standard hydraulic disc brakes for the already rough-stuff ready frame.  Bike Designer Brant Richards also sprang to my rescue earlier this week after one of my racing frames cracked and couldn’t  be replaced in time.  The prototype On One / PlanetX bike is way, way, way above just being up to the job.  It will be used on Whernside, and it looks like I’ll love every second.  (19lb too, with discs!).  My trusty Cannondale CX9 from Wheelbase will help me plough along in between the hills and it’ll help me knowing there’s always a clean / working bike at the bottom of the hill come what may.
    6174908612_5da66922ca_m.jpg (240×160) 6174388665_580a1e71f2_m.jpg (240×160)
  3. I’ve been here before
    I know it sounds daft but I’ve done it lots and in many ways that does make you a bit better at it.  I know the bits I’m going to feel really bad on and the bits I’ll feel better on.  It all helps just simply to know in advance.

and the things I’m not feeling so good about…

  1. Everything points to slower
    I have had a year where I’m feeling that much slower and older.  It’s annoying.  Every crit I’ve done has been on the rivet and I haven’t felt great in a race for a long time.  That’s obviously going to translate into something more modest on Sunday
  2. So much to go wrong
    You can never be complacent.  Every bolt has been tightened and re-checked, but there’s always something that can go awry.  It’s good reason in itself to be worried, even if you know you’ve done what you can.
  3. The competition
     Jebby not being there means one position higher.  There’s unfortunately a load of people who are there who will beat me though.

Que sera sera … more to come soon I’m sure!