Quite a day

I’ll keep this brief – mainly because I’m a bit tired after a long day. 6th September 2012 was quite a day of note for family Haygarth. When your youngest child goes off to start school it’s pretty emotional. There’s a strong feeling of moving on – feelings both good and bad – but either way it’s a watershed. But then it also happens to be our older daughter’s tenth birthday. Double figures seem strangely large all of a sudden. It means that we have been in this parenting business for a decade. We still haven’t read the manual, either.

Anyway – a busy, intense but incredibly fun and memorable day. Elsie’s grabbing onto my leg as we went into the classroom almost brought a tear to me – never mind her – but then the “IT WAS BRILLIANT” shoult from her as she came out of the classroom after pushed me right up to the top of the rollercoaster again.

Lily dealt with a big birthday coinciding cruelly with her first day back at school admirably. She brought a couple of friends back for a very informal tea party which was just lovely. The food mountain gradually eroded and nobody has burst.

Video here and below, and some misc photos here