Summer Hols 2012 – Torre del Porticciolo

Life’s busy and we all work and play hard.  They Haygarths don’t have a monopoly on needing a good holiday once in a while – I know – we’re very lucky to have one.  This year’s feast of fun for the frantic four was chosen to be in Sardinia. 

I went to Sardinia in my late teens but another side of the island and it felt a long, long time ago.  It was a great choice after last year’s Menorca holiday.  We knew we’d need to choose beach and warm sea for the children but other than that Katie and I wanted a definite change.

A different pace in a very rural campsite and subtle differences in culture.  Sardinians aren’t typical Italians and don’t consider themselves such.  They’re friendly but not necessarily as open and warm as the Spanish Menorcans we met last year.  This isn’t a criticism; it’s a cultural thing and we warmed to them in so many ways.  So what if the men don’t smile – it’s a macho thing deep in their culture – the friendliness and helpfulness is there.

As far as ‘us four’ were concerned we had a real blast.  Such a change I guess is always going to be good for you.  With it comes a few minor testing times (young, tired children who don’t normally room together!) but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.  I also had a swim with my iphone which was rather depressing and ultimately expensive.

Simple things like the heat were a real bonus after this summer so far in the UK and simply finding the time to sit, play, chat, indulge in card games, swim… well, it just is a nice change.

I took my bike and had some great rides – quite emotional at times to be in such a different environment (see here).  That in itself was good for morale (I’d soon have started feeling guilty for the layabout lifestyle) and helping keep the holiday pounds off with all the splendid pizzas, cheese, wine (etc. etc.)

Funnies and singled out memories / highlights (with bonus media links!) :


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