Lily’s final day at Primary School

Lily's first day at school

A family milestone reached in seemingly no time. In September 2007 the little girl (pictured right) started at Broadway Primary School.  Just about to turn five, Lily was definitely ready to start school, but it still seemed soon, and she seemed so little.

And today, amid tears from schoolmates and a lovely final assembly, she moved on (as they always tend to do…!). There have obviously been highlights and lots of memories – it’s a wonderful school with so many warm teachers and happy children – and one at which Elsie has four more years yet to enjoy, but still, for the pupil in school, it was the closing of a long chapter.

Lily's last day

Added gloss came from her bringing home the first ever (school-wide) trophy for the most points gained in the ‘Care’ section of the “5 Cs”. (the other being courtesy, consideration, concentration and co-operation).  That added to the warm feeling.

It’s the end of an era for her dad, too.  The tandem-with-a-trailer journeys, preceded for Lily by bike-with-a-trailer journeys are now over. Since 2007 we have calculated almost 900 miles of her being sat there too-close-for-comfort behind dad’s bum, cycling through Helmshore up and down 150 feet of climbing each time. Over the years, that adds up (to 1.5 Everests in height too… !) So Lily, Elsie and I put in a little sprint on the way home today, and the girls came over “the line” home with their hands aloft.  Winners.

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