Was it a dream? Did the Tour de France come to Yorkshire?

I’m writing this very early on a Monday morning after what I have to assume was just a fantasy – a dream lived out in immense detail. I woke up ealy feeling still adreniline-pumped from a dream so intense that it felt like it had actually happened to me.

I dreamed that the Tour de France visited Yorkshire.  I know… daft, isn’t it?  Just let me elaborate, because there was some real details in my head.

On the Saturday, it was a dreary morning with a bit of cloud that cleared off to be a lovely sunny afternoon. My family teamed up with lots of friends to drive over from Ingleton to Hawes and walk up the “Cote de Buttertubs” (I know – just humour me…) and enjoy the most fantastic atmosphere with hundreds of thousands of cycling fans. The race came through with Jens Voigt on a doomed but brave solo break, and all the children screamed, waved flags, and watched, semi-aghast.

In our thousands we walked down the hill back to Hawes, still goose-bumped, and had a BBQ an Jean and Bill’s. Matthew and I looked at our photos and the children ran round the garden in the sun.

But the dream continued…

I dreamed that I got on my bike on Sunday morning and rode from Ingleton to Mytholmroyd to watch the Tour de France ride up Cragg Vale. In this part of the dream, I met up with mates old and new, and again watched (pinching myself, to check if it was a dream), as hundreds publicity caravane vehicles, Gendarmes, and, eventually, toasted, lean, cyclists, rode up a hill I know a bit too well. (They only rode up it once – even dreams aren’t that silly).

After a ride home with a few friends, I dreamed that I watched the whole thing on TV, with a beer or three.

Here’s my artist’s impression on Flickr of what it would have looked like, if it had actually happened.

Chrome Legacy Window 07072014 092656

When the Tour de France came to Yorkshire from Welcome to Yorkshire on Vimeo.