Forty-and-a-half: Time to party

Having a birthday in the depths of January isn’t that good. At the butt-end of Christmas when schools have gone back and the daylight lasts about as long as dinner time, no-one feels like anything other than thinks like diets, holidays, or ending it all. When I turned 40 this January I kept it a low key affair. Not because I didn’t want to get lots of people together, but more because I didn’t want anyone to be doing it under duress. Continue reading “Forty-and-a-half: Time to party”

Life-Long Learner: In Pursuit of the Rad

Had been very much looking forward to yesterday since January, and it didn’t disappoint.  Matthew had very perceptively noticed that no matter how much we ride bikes, there is still some learning to be done.  We spend so much money over the years trying to upgrade our bikes. Uber-legend Mountain bike Skills Coach Ed Oxley‘s business strapline is ‘upgrade yourself’.  The one thing missing from the mix with stuck-in-their-ways 40-somethings like me. Continue reading “Life-Long Learner: In Pursuit of the Rad”

Christmas 2008 – a load of Haygarths together

SmilingWe had Phil (my brother) and Anne with their three children and my mum to stay on Xmas day and had a brill time. So much went on my head’s a whizz but we seemed to cram a million little memories into 26ish hours.

Grandma's bunchA load of photos here. My own personal favourite moments were Angus saying “I can bite my own toe uncle Dave and it well hurts” and the fairy hunting going on on the lovely walk through Redisher woods in idyllic Boxing Day sunshine.