• Adrian

    Absolute titan….and one of his classic tracks. The first wipe of sweat comes at only just over a minute…and then get that take off at 1.38…love the closeup of Peterson and Niels Pedersen’s fingers in the same frame at around 4.30.
    And a great opportunity to compare the two great bassists in Oscar’s music.

  • Phil Haygarth

    Indeed. What a groover. Nigerian Market Place is my fave and – it never fails to give me gooseys when Blofeld kicks in on the bass…..

  • Simply splendid. Only just got round to watching this, the news itself passed me by initially. Damn, that man knew how to enjoy himself. RIP.

  • Adrian

    Fabulous….I think Nigerian Marketplace would be my single desert island oscar choice. I remember buying the album and it opened a new door in my experience of the man. And the bulk of the man is just so impressive…