Jenny, 16, going on 17

It’s my eldest niece’s 17th birthday on 26th November and it really, honestly feels like a couple of years since she looked like the photo below rather than like this.

Anyway… talking like that just makes me sound old, something I’m happy to keep on pretending to fight. Lily really was fascinated by the fact that Jenny was going on seventeen and was really keen for us to send this video to her… Happy Birthday Jenny from us all and welcome to adulthood. It’s fun – enjoy it!.

  • Ben

    Hi Dave,
    Hope you and your family are well and surviving the nappies. Good work on producing number 2. My family and I are planning a trip over to your part of the world next year in Spring. I have two nephews at Sedbergh at the moment(evans house) so it looks like we will be up north at some point to meet up with my parents and sister. So I was hoping maybe we could have a beer or perhaps more exciting do a fell race or something while we are over. We don’t have any exact date set and we are just trying to find out what our options are before we start haggling over dates. If you have any ideas about races etc please let me know, otherwise it will have to be a handful of pints in a pub.
    Saw the photo of hamish and bobby. Must have been a fun afternoon. Hamish looks massive.