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Fighting the urge to be critical

Fighting the urge to be critical

I’ve noticed something over the last few months and years – no doubt linked to the rise of social media.

The Book of Elvis – by Lily

Lily goes off from time to time and sites down quietly with her pens – like lots of six year olds do – to create something.  Usually it’s a card or a picture, but sometimes it’s something a bit more of a ‘project’. Last week Lily asked me to print some photos of our dog Elvis and disappeared with some paper to a quiet corner on a wet afternoon.  The book she mad ...[Read More]

Manchester International Festival – ‘The Great Indoors’

Ace day on Saturday – we took Lily and Elsie into ‘The Great Indoors‘ a wonderful collection of children’s creative activities and performances all over the insides of Manchester’s Town Hall, as part of the Manchester International Festival. We met up with Sally, Sim and Olly, had a romp, got home early and relaxed – job’s a good un.  Some nice photo momen ...[Read More]

Danny MacAskill’s work on the Doves latest video

Danny MacAskill’s rise to fame has been rapid this year due to some great viral stuff involving his Edinburgh street exploits on youtube. Top tune, too…

Cannondale Six Carbon – my lovely new bike

Had the great pleasure of building up my new bike from Wheelbase on Wednesday night. Just waiting for a slighly nicer day than today to take it for a spin… it’s light, as it looks, and I’m sure it’s going to handle as well as it looks. Decided to stay with the compact chainset for now til the big crits start in the mid summer time. I might as well use those generously twidd ...[Read More]

Lily dancing to Boards of Canada

Had a nice teatime chill with Lily and Elsie last night whilst Katie went out tot he gym for the first time since Elsie was born… including some freeform art dance by Lily, totally unprompted, to my favourite album of all time.

On The Nikon D200

Staying at Phil’s house for a few days over the weekend gave me an opportunity to play with his ‘work’ camera’, the Nikon D200. It was a stunning experience. The inordinately heavy body gave the camera an unrivalled steadiness, meaning that short at low shutter speeds were more likely to come out without camera-wobble. The Tamron lens was reliable and very happy with fast a ...[Read More]

Half term day out: Crosby and Knowsley

Taking advantage of the pretty much unprecedented February clear spell, I took full advantage of a day’s leave booked to spend with Lily. Katie’s half term doesn’t coincide with Lily’s which is a bit crap, but we had such a stonking day together – was really good fun. We set off bright and early to head over to look at the Anthony Gormley installation on Crosby Sands, ...[Read More]

World War I Soldier Formations

There’s something intriguing about large scale interactive things like these World War I Soldier Formations For someone to have the balls and patience to organise it is just beyond me. It’s also deeply metaphorical about art; that it only exists when experienced by people. Flippin’ lovely…. see more here

A great half term day out

It’s Lily’s first ever half term – and yesterday we had the day together – and what a corker it was. We dropped Katie off at work in the morning then went to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park to look at the Andy Goldsworthy retrospective – a really good choice. I’ve enjoyed Goldsworthy’s tactile simplicity in his art ever since I first came across his work in t ...[Read More]

Life imitating Google Maps

Oscar Wilde said that Life imitates art more than art imitates life. Here’s a nice thought At the Royal College of art in London, Robert Sollis has created Google Carpet.  Made from individual carpet tiles, each is a square of 185mm. (This corresponds to one pixel of information on the Google Maps satellite image).

Cats in a record shop

Was sent these by email and they made me giggle. Cat listening to bluegrass: Cat listening to rap: Cat listening to AC/DC: Cat listening to Techno:

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