An overnight visit to Kirkby Lonsdale

We had our first overnight stopover at mum’s house in ages this weekend. It’s been an odd year with the sleep patterns of a baby and going to someone’s house has generally represented hassle for me since Elsie came along, but she’s been sleeping so well for the last few weeks and Katie & I wanted to get oursleves out for a meal without children – so going to see mum was a really ace opportunity to kill a whole flock of birds with a very small stone.

On top of it all, the sun shone despite a dreadful forecast.

I had two ace bike rides – one on the way up; the ‘usual’ way over Gisburn Forest I ride – and the next morning I opted for a (mildly hungover) hilly and gobsmackingly scenic ride from Kirkby Lonsdale to Barbon, Dent, Deepdale and Kingsdale – on my way to Katie’s family’s house in Ingleton.

Katie and I also had a brill meal out in the Sun Inn – somewhere I used to pull pints in the school holidays 20 odd years ago. It was very obviously nicer to be on the receiving end.

Lily and Elsie both had a great time seeing Mum, although I’m pretty sure that Lily could have managed perfectly well with her grandma without Elsie being around. Lily’s ‘shopping list’ of activities when she visites grandparents’ houses is long and potentially arduous for all involved.

On Sunday we had another bit of bonus weather and sat out in the garden all day at Ingleton, playing games, paddling and, in Elsie’s case, eating everything – food or otherwise. A lovely relaxing visit that ticked all the boxes. Thanks to our hosts for both days.

Full photos of the weekend here.