Don’t blog around much anymore

You’ll have heard it numerous times from numerous people, but things are so busy at the moment…

I haven’t fogotten about and I know that the quality and frequency has really taken a big dive, but the way that social media is heading, I’m slowly coming round to a rethink about the way I ‘do’ my online Dave stuff.

Things are slowly bedding into a bit of a more comfortable routine with:

  • being more for verbose, perhaps more family-related drivel picking out a few significan thighs and lows going on
  • twitter being the place best to just chrip on about what’s on my mind and what’s happenning day to day
  • LinkedIn being the place where I ‘do’ my work life, thoughts, and network
  • Facebook being the place I stay in touch with people who’d never be bothered to look at or ever phone m

But it’s never ever that easy, is it.

The world changes pretty quickly when it comes to communication trends these days.  In the micrcosm of social media and online communications, even powerhouses like Facebook can easily be toppled.  Google’s about to make massive inroads into how we all communicate online with Google Wave.  This means lots of real-time style communications finding their way into blog or archive style usability… and more.   But the problem with newer technology is the take-up rate.  It’s taken many many years of people – usually reluctantly signing up to Facebook – People using Wave will initially be the same old lot who I know using Twitter or the generally newer services.  It’s an annoyance; this freedom of choice thing.

I know that the blog can’t do all that I want it to do – but neither can any other online solution.  Maybe everyone in the world should just live together so we can all do everything face to face.  That’s probably the best solution.