Rapha Supercross. Super. And ‘cross.

I was unlucky (for want of a better word) last year when I had to miss the inaugural Rapha Supercross and instead watched it with a broken collarbone.  My turn finally came yesterday.

In a slightly disappointing turn of events, the opportunity for Planet X to field a team in the invitation-only elite race came and went – to my mild frustration.  Yes – I’d happily admit to being outclassed on the day – but there were plenty of also-rans in the main event and I’d have done a team proud, given my chance. 

As it turned out, I derived as much pain and (eventual) satisfaction by just ‘taking part’ in the veteran’s support race. The course wasn’t my cup of tea and my fitness on the day a bit suspect too, but it was a good one and worthy of a great crowd-pleaser of an event.   Almost spine-tingling to ride a wall of cowbells like that on the finish straight and a memory that won’t fade too fast.  The whole thing left a slightly puzzled feeling as to why our National Trophy series can’t be glamourized a bit more.  Maybe it will have its day.  Chapeaux to Phil Thackery, Ian Cleverly and all the  Rapha people and countless others who saw through this vision.


Some pics below from Bob McMinn, Andy Whitehouse, Andrew Burgess and Jo Allen – with sincere thanks.  Thanks also to Carl for the lift in the van!


Some videos I put together