Family visit to the 2018 World Cyclocross Championships

We don’t normally get to do stuff like this. It was a real treat.  Dave & Elsie went to the Saturday and Sunday racing, Lily and Mum just to the Sunday racing and spent Saturday enjoying the beautiful and very chilled city of Maastricht. 

We stayed in the lovely Urban Residences – a very modern but incredibly homely and a tad trendy apart-hotel.

Urban Residences, Maastricht – and a bit of messing about
Urban Residences, Maastricht – home from home.

The racing was just brilliant. There could have been no more amazing atmosphere at a bike race.  Passion exploding with a fantastic mix of cultures. Loads of Brits there and tonnes of people we knew including some of Elsie’s racing chums. Two British gold medals out of 5 events. It just was a dream.

Frites and Mayo.
Elsie with the Cosgrove clan
A crowded hillside in Valkenberg
National Anthem
Mixed heritage
There was plenty of mud. #moremud
Watching telly
Nothing to see here. Move along.
Sanne Cant
Nikki Brammier
Evie Richards