Sauze D’Oulx family ski holiday 2018

Another family holiday definitely of note. These things define and mark important times in childhood and I am happy to build up the year’s work around affording great memories for the children.   Skiing is not cheap – especially skiing overseas in half term, but each time we do it seems incredibly good value for money in terms of unforgettably good memories

We flew this year (in a divergence from the previous two trips’ driving) and whilst that added to cost, it took away a little bit of the epicness of 9 – 12 hr treks across France. Personally, I’d have driven. I love the feeling of earth moving and changing as you mini-migrate over its surface. Flying’s excitement is weirdly out-of-body and literally not earthly.  It does cost the earth too.  Literally and metaphorically.  I had to keep everyone happy though…!

It was my third trip to Sauze D’oulx. A trip in around 1980 (I think) (aged 10) with mum and Phil and then again with Katie c. 1999 – I knew it was a safe bet for a family resort.

The Italian runs and lifts were quieter but oh, so good.  Queues way better.  Shops and restaurants that little bit cheaper. Recommended.

We rented a large Condominium – taking up the whole floor.  Was comfy and well-equipped. Great for the 9 of us.

Happy memories galore.  Short vid and images here