Café Stop: Tune in, Drop Off.

The Drop Off Café

I don’t do reviews much. Especially not on this site, but I wanted to write a little bit about a gem of a place just across the valley from me that cyclists, runners, walkers, and general cake / coffee enjoyers will find a treat.

3 Peaks cyclocross 2015: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”

Photo by Adrian Nichols /

I’ve never read The Tale of Two Cities but that incredibly well-known opening line from a novel sums up my 2015 3 Peaks. Okay – it wasn’t quite the worst of times – far from it – but when things are going really well, it seems to emphasise the problems when they come.  And they came.  But more on that later.  I wanted to gather thoughts whilst fresh in my head as usua ...[Read More]

Seaside fun: Battle on the Beach 2015

Seaside fun: Battle on the Beach 2015

It was sunny and I was on a beach. That’s the short version. When you go to the beach and it’s sunny, you have fun. That never changes.

A Midsummer Bike’s Dream

A Midsummer Bike’s Dream

I rode my bike a long way. And with a lot of climbing.  That’s all.

Running: Winter footage helps get the job done.

Running: Winter footage helps get the job done.

I feel blessed. As a cyclist, at this time of year, it can be a bit of a daunting time. Ancient myth and unchallenged tradition dictates we should be out there getting base miles in our legs. But just look out of the window. 6 days out of 7 since early December, it’s been blowing up some nasty storm or just plain rainy. Cycling is for the committed. Clearly, that’s not me. No way. In t ...[Read More]

A change of direction.

A change of direction.

It’s 4 weeks now since I dislocated my shoulder (for the third time) and had what I now see as an epiphany. I was unceremoniously dispatched to the tarmac at the Colne Grand Prix about a week after hearing that I needed surgery on the shoulder. It was inevitable in hindsight that it was going to pop out when my next crash came.  Anyway… that’s the physical. It’s the mental ...[Read More]

Colne Grand Prix 2013 – Marginal pains

Colne Grand Prix

Last night was my last race for a bit. Colne Grand Prix is a race I have ridden loads over the years. It’s a great race. A very simple town centre criterium on a very simple course. The corners are fast and flowing, and it always has a great atmosphere with the course packed full of people on either side.  I’ve ridden there the last nine years and only missed one, and still felt I had ...[Read More]

Strava: The film

Strava KoM

I recently wrote about a love hate relationship with Strava.  The app that bikes back doesn’t want to go away. Some try to sue them, love, some hate, but it’s not quite like Marmite – as we all seem to love and hate it a little bit. A little bit like real racing, we love it when it goes well. We hate getting beaten. But perhaps most significantly, it does seem to change the way t ...[Read More]

Time Trialling: Ten Years Gone

Circuit of the Dales

It’s almost exactly ten years since my last time trial. I had ups and downs in my against-the-clock racing between the ages of 17 and 33, but on an April Sunday in 2003, I rode the local Hilly Time Trial (the now defunct Circuit of Holcombe) and didn’t realise quite how long I’d be hanging my time trialling wheels for. Ten Years After: I’m going Home A lot have changed in that ten year ...[Read More]

Holcombe Moor – Summer Passes to Autumn

Holcombe Moor – Summer Passes to Autumn

A short film about the hill on my doorstep.  I’m very lucky to have such a great, varied and interesting bit of moorland to the immediate west of my home.  This film shows the fun and play aspect of Mountain Biking which melds into the grind of cyclocross training in the early autumn.

Back to Mountain Bike Racing (Photo Story)

Back to Mountain Bike Racing (Photo Story)

First MTB race in what feels like a very very long time. A very low key affair in Bolton last Thursday evening.  Some splendid snaps from Ed Rollason Photography tell the tale perfectly.

I had a fit.

Retul Bike Fitting

I’m 42 and had my first fit yesterday. You might think it’s young to have your first fit. For me, it’s about 26 years later than it ought to have been. With a mix of health problems cropping up over the last year or so from bad backs to kidney stones to even more bad backs, I took it on myself to see a Chinese Physiotherapist recommended by Alan (crossjunkie). The experience was ...[Read More]

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