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Summer Made Me Cross

Summer Made Me Cross

Just a quick bikey update… It’s been a slightly unorthadox ‘summer’ so far for me on the bike (I mean summer in that context as being after the clocks change!). Started okay at the SiS Crits round the fast 1 mile circuit at Preston.

Formby Dunes: Recommended

Fantastic trip with Katie and the girls to Formby Sand Dunes / Red Squirrel woodland on Monday – it was chucking it down all morning and we took the risk… it paid off and cleared up minutes after we got there. Brilliant, very non-Northern feeling environment. It felt more like France or the low countries. Gorgeous coniferous sandy rolling woods and really big dunes. Just an utter playg ...[Read More]

Elsie – Three as a bird

They all grow up fast, don’t they. Elsie’s third birthday last week seemed to mark a bit more ‘moving on’ in the household and confirmed any suspicion that time goes by ridiculously fast in life. It fell on a ‘normal’ work day for Katie, a school day for Lily and hence a nursery day for Elsie, but the mini party we enjoyed after was a lovely little celebration a ...[Read More]

A lesson in bike riding

… from a 2 year old. Something familiar in my youngest, Elsie. A second-born, she’s grown up watching older sister doing everything she can’t do, so when she finally was allowed to ride a ‘pedal’ bike last Thursday, she went about it so vigorously and enthusiastically that it’s been a bit of a shock.

Easter weekend 2011

Great family time in terrific unseasonable weather. We went to see Rach & Jon @ Ravenstonedale, then stay with Phil & Anne and family in Arkholme, then onto Ingleton for a stay with Jean & Bill. Lovely memorable times, lots of great food, and a few bike rides dotted about the place. Can’t say fairer than that.

Cake Day

At the risk of this turning into a cake-themed blog as it seems to have been doing of late, I won’t go on, but I just had some very lovely photos to share with you. Katie was treated by Matthew and Holly to a day out as a birthday present to learn the finer details of how to make lovely looking fairy cakes.

Let Them Eat Cobbles

Marie Antoinette is reported to have said “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche” (‘Let Them Eat Cake‘), showing her oblivious ignorance to the famine of the breadless poor. Something in this I can relate to in my current lifestyle as stupidly-busy dad / web developer / husband. There was a time many years ago when I went out to ride socially with a bunch of mates nearly every ...[Read More]

Liver Hill Fell Race 2011

Was revved up for tonight’s Liver Hill race in Rawtenstall – the local ‘my oh my the clocks have just gone forward and we can do something in the evening‘ event.  Having races here last year in pretty nasty boggy conditions, I was looking forward to going over the course on a lovely dry evening, but it wasn’t to be.  I wanted Lily to run (again, for the third year) bu ...[Read More]

Today’s lesson: Learn

Had a very satisfying ride out today with Matthew and Ed Oxley. Arranged ages ago it was a bit of a longshot that the weather would turn out so darned lovely, but it did. When you take a punt on the weather like that and it comes off, you know you’re going to be in for a great day.

Cart, sleigh & horse: Cyclocross season reviewed

I’ve been a bit low on finding the time to blog the last few months.  In some ways the world’s moved on. I don’t need to paste a link to a video or anything on this blog anymore because the sharing thing’s taken care of by Twitter and Facebook really. But there are some things I need to record on here for my own purposes and get off my chest and into print. (Well… webby print. You coul ...[Read More]

Stay-cation half term.

Stay-cation half term.

Had a really nice couple of days this week off work but basically doing things you’d to on a holiday. With Lily leading the agenda, it mostly revolved around the animal kingdom, with a visit to Bleakholt animal sanctuary on Wednesday and then Knowsley Safari Park on Thursday. It’s made such a great change – Katie and I have eaten (and drunk) as though we were on holiday too, but ...[Read More]

Selfless devotion to family

Selfless devotion to family

Sometimes in life it’s time to stop doing what you enjoy, and pay some dedicated time to other family members. With young families, my brother in law Simon and I get very little time together and no quality time to speak of in the last couple of years. With his birthday fast approaching, I decided to redress this by trying to get some good face-time together as a little treat to him.

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