A change of direction.

A change of direction.

It’s 4 weeks now since I dislocated my shoulder (for the third time) and had what I now see as an epiphany. I was unceremoniously dispatched to the tarmac at the Colne Grand Prix about a week after hearing that I needed surgery on the shoulder. It was inevitable in hindsight that it was going to pop out when my next crash came.  Anyway… that’s the physical. It’s the mental ...[Read More]

2011 Summer Hols part 1: Old Beckstones

Haygarths on Holiday

After a massive stint of work it’s now full-on holidays for a couple of weeks. The first time that I’ve taken more than two consecutive days’ leave since October 2010 and it’s a game of two halves. Some UK time first then a bit sun and sea in Menorca to follow.

Ile de Ré Summer Holidays 2010

In the early summers of my childhood, my Dad and Mum packed my brother Phil and I, still sleeping, into the back of our family car, with a caravan in tow, and drove us to the south of France each year.   The journeys and holidays were long and packed with some of the strongest memories I’ll keep.  Those of us lucky enough to have any Family Holiday as children will always keep those memories ...[Read More]

Easter week in Woolacombe

Lovely time last week in Woolacombe with our old Gloucestershire mates the Greenwoods. So great to go away and have such fun with people who make life so uncomplicated for us with our semi demanding 11 month-old.

Our half term hols… Peebles and Edinburgh

We spent ages weighing up the pros and cons of a big holiday with a little baby.  It’s a big deal really trying to get things right because we wanted to get on with things and have some fun – for Lily, Katie and I – but to have a bit of sanity / settled, relaxed homeliness for Elsie (now nine months).

Half term break in Suffolk… the first real chill of winter

With the national trophy cyclocross coming up in Ipswich, I wasn’t relishing the thought of another long day out and night away from the family. Enjoyable though the sporty bonding trips are, I find it an uneasy comprimise to spend time away enjoying myself and leaving Katie with two young people to look after. The Ipswich race was luckily on the first Sunday of the half term break, so we bo ...[Read More]

Waiting til Holidays

Waiting til Holidays Originally uploaded by Dave Haygarth Lily sometimes goes off into a corner and likes to get on with writing things, without the need to ask how things are spelt. We’re off on our hols to Norfolk next saturday and Lily decided to make a chart so she could tick off the days. Katie and I just love the spelling and the whole concept.

By the river in Hubberholme

Some 30 years on, history repeated itself yesterday as we decided to make the most of some gorgeous summer conditions and spend an afternoon by the river Wharfe in Hubberhome. Going to exactly the same spot that I went to as a young boy, Lily and I frolicked in the cool water with the inflatable dhingy, Elvis dug all day for always-just-too-large stones, and Katie and Elsie managed to sneak in a t ...[Read More]

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