Three Peaks Cyclocross

The Three Peaks Cyclocross: Ace and Rubbish

The Three Peaks Cyclocross: Ace and Rubbish

No surprises in telling you that the 3 Peaks cyclocross, the 54th edition of which is taking place this Sunday is my favourite race. With any an annual event, it’s always going to feel special. Part familiar, part rare, part scary and part exciting.

3 Peaks cyclocross 2015: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”

Photo by Adrian Nichols /

I’ve never read The Tale of Two Cities but that incredibly well-known opening line from a novel sums up my 2015 3 Peaks. Okay – it wasn’t quite the worst of times – far from it – but when things are going really well, it seems to emphasise the problems when they come.  And they came.  But more on that later.  I wanted to gather thoughts whilst fresh in my head as usua ...[Read More]

The 2012 Three Peaks Cyclocross:

Penyghent Lane

I’m tired. It’s probably not the best time to do this, but it’s important to try and gather thoughts fairly soon whilst still fresh in the head. My 16th attempt at the three peaks Cyclocross yesterday was a tough one. It was the same for everybody who took part. The weather forecast had been bad, and it turned out to be a very accurate forecast on the day. Everybody was mentally ...[Read More]

Four sleeps

Four sleeps

I know I go on a bit about the Three Peaks Cyclocross. It’s nice for me at this time of September to put down a marker as to how I’m feeling.  It’s my event and I am going to enjoy myself on Sunday. There are a million things that could go wrong and doubtless scores of things that will go wrong, but I’m a bit above all that now. I’ve ridden every race since 1995 and l ...[Read More]

Personal Worst: 3 Peaks Cyclocross 2011

Personal Worst: 3 Peaks Cyclocross 2011

I had a bad sleep last night.  My clavicle broken into two pieces is reasonably easy to get comfortable when I’m upright and in a sling, but lying in bed it’s hard to.  But that’s what this is about, to an extent… getting comfort and keeping still when you get there.

Once more unto the bogs

Once more unto the bogs

A quick moment to gather my thoughts before the big off in the 3 peaks cyclocross on Sunday.  It’s an annual pattern of familiar routine always peppered with new things each year to distract me.  The basic sectors of the 3 peaks preparation are complex in themselves – training & fitness, equipment, food & nutrition, planning for support crew, co-ordination of family around the ...[Read More]

My snaps from before and after

Remembered to put my camera in my kit bag this year - second time running!Some snaps of the goings-on before and after the race in Helwith Bridge here, including Nick's very light frame ;-)

In Readiness

My previous post on the Three Peaks Cyclocross blog seemed to make out that it was not about the bike or the gear, but more about the training and fitness. I stand by this in general, but there's a middle-ground - it's about all-round readiness.I've b...

Fridays in Helmshore – our own little Helwith Bridge

We've had a bit of a gathering in Helmshore, Lancs (where I live) the last couple of Friday lunchtimes. It's amazing how many people who ride the three peaks are within a few miles of here and it made sense to get a few of them together to share the p...

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