Year: 2010

Xmas and Boxing Day and beyond

As always, a lovely family time for us guys. It was a bit of a catch-up time for me with Sally & Simon who I have hardly really seen in the last six months. With such young children in the family those six months seem a very significant chunk of time, and inevitably there’s lots of the old ‘blimey you’ve grown’ stuff generally going on. (Not me though – I’ve ...[Read More]

A weekend of Cyclocross and Music

This weekend was another one of those ‘pinch yourself’ ones for me. Those of you who know me will get the picture: Saturday: Play guitar in the band, Sunday: Race cyclocross.

Movember – an experience not to be repeated in a hurry

Somethimes I do thing on a whim. We all do I guess. I didn’t take it very seriously and can’t even remember what prompted my to “take part” in this year’s Movember – a fundraising gig for men’s health charities.

Hahahahaaaaa take that skinny boy.

The Autumn of my Life

Had a wonderful few reasons to reflect on this time of year in the last few days. Autumn’s a strange time of year in its gentle onset of cruelty, as we lose the evening daylight, and the warmth of each day dies out. But it also offers so much too. The first warm fires to make an hour by the TV seem like the best thing to do rather than a waste of time… the orange Alpenglow that makes o ...[Read More]

Three Peaks Cyclocross 2010

Simon Fell, Ingleborough

Here’s a conundrum of sorts.  What do you do when you have to race a bike down hills like this as fast as you can and have a front brake that looks like this.  With a level head, you might be forgiven for making a decision along the lines of “you’ve got work tomorrow” etc. It did go through my mind, and for a second, I thought my race should really have ended there and then ...[Read More]

A tenner

Help. I lost ten pounds. Where is it? If every rider I'm the 3 peaks loses a kilogram in September, that is almost a tonne of fat gone missing. Uurgh.

In readiness… 3 Peaks time of year again

Seems to have flown by this year. Kept busy by exercise, workloads, 40th birthdays spread over a few months, and some lovely holidays, the period since the 2009 3 Peaks Cyclocross seems to have flown by. My preparation over the last few weeks has been as obsessive and meticulous as ever (possibly more so… were that possible).

It begins with 12

Well that's sort of it really. I've started to feel a bit more spring in my step the last couple of days and it's probably related to the gaunt faced man I seem to have turned myself into during this annual project. My weekly weigh in this morning...

It’s red, it’s fluid, but it’s not beetroot juice

Almost as if nature had intended me to consume blood-red goods as part of this blog, today, I'm writing about another fantastic recovery drink for the bulk-minded fitness person: Tomato Juice. Another one you either love or hate, but it floats my ...

The sleep. Did I tell you about the sleep?

This is the third September in a row that I've given up drinking. (Well... not all September - just until about 1:30ish on the last Sunday of the month). It's a psychological thing to me; where the diet thing is physically about weight, giving up ...

Out, Damn Snickers Flapjack

This little blighter got me earlier. Was walking near to (not even past) the cupboard that had the (cover your eyes:) "biscuit tin" in it. Rainy day, tired, busy as heck with work, and in an almost reflex reaction, 167 crunchy, lovable, tasty, but...

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