3 Peaks cyclocross 2015: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”

Photo by Adrian Nichols /

I’ve never read The Tale of Two Cities but that incredibly well-known opening line from a novel sums up my 2015 3 Peaks. Okay – it wasn’t quite the worst of times – far from it – but when things are going really well, it seems to emphasise the problems when they come.  And they came.  But more on that later.  I wanted to gather thoughts whilst fresh in my head as usua ...[Read More]

Rooley Moor Road – an appreciation

Rooley Moor Road – an appreciation

I often spend time thinking about my local treasures but so rarely spend the time to sit down and write anything.  But today I went a ride with cycling friend Alan Dorrington over Rooley Moor Road and I found the route inspiring enough to speak out.

The final bicycle-made-for-three commute of the year

Bicycle Made for Three

I go in for my shoulder operation on Monday, and will be in a sling for the rest of the year. It has been a lovely day here, and Lily capped it all by saying “We’re just ace” to me, as we flew through the village. I know what she meant. Heads Turn when you ride along on a long, long vehicle like this. Some young people would get paranoid and not enjoy the attention. We don’ ...[Read More]

A change of direction.

A change of direction.

It’s 4 weeks now since I dislocated my shoulder (for the third time) and had what I now see as an epiphany. I was unceremoniously dispatched to the tarmac at the Colne Grand Prix about a week after hearing that I needed surgery on the shoulder. It was inevitable in hindsight that it was going to pop out when my next crash came.  Anyway… that’s the physical. It’s the mental ...[Read More]

Time Trialling: Ten Years Gone

Circuit of the Dales

It’s almost exactly ten years since my last time trial. I had ups and downs in my against-the-clock racing between the ages of 17 and 33, but on an April Sunday in 2003, I rode the local Hilly Time Trial (the now defunct Circuit of Holcombe) and didn’t realise quite how long I’d be hanging my time trialling wheels for. Ten Years After: I’m going Home A lot have changed in that ten year ...[Read More]

National Cyclocross Championships 2013 – Peel Park, Bradford.

National Cyclocross Championships 2013 – Peel Park, Bradford.

My favourite venue for cyclocross outside of Helwith Bridge. This year’s Nationals were at Peel Park again.  The rain held off much to my disgust int he days before. I like it more cloggy and technical, but on race day, Peel Park never lets you down – it’s a terrific venue with so much technique called upon even on the less muddy years. So here’s race day, in as few words a ...[Read More]

Cyclocross: All of the faff

Cyclocross: All of the faff

It’s the National Championships at the weekend, and time to reflect as the season approaches its finale. Cyclocross is a strange sport. It breeds and harbours obsessives. For a discipline that involves belting around muddy fields, there is an inordinate amount of fine-tuning, preparation and finesse… from the meticulously exact tyre pressures for the conditions in the correct tubulars ...[Read More]

The 2012 Three Peaks Cyclocross:

Penyghent Lane

I’m tired. It’s probably not the best time to do this, but it’s important to try and gather thoughts fairly soon whilst still fresh in the head. My 16th attempt at the three peaks Cyclocross yesterday was a tough one. It was the same for everybody who took part. The weather forecast had been bad, and it turned out to be a very accurate forecast on the day. Everybody was mentally ...[Read More]

I had a fit.

Retul Bike Fitting

I’m 42 and had my first fit yesterday. You might think it’s young to have your first fit. For me, it’s about 26 years later than it ought to have been. With a mix of health problems cropping up over the last year or so from bad backs to kidney stones to even more bad backs, I took it on myself to see a Chinese Physiotherapist recommended by Alan (crossjunkie). The experience was ...[Read More]

Ronde Van Oost Lancashire 2012 – the trailer

Ronde Van Oost Lancashire 2012 – the trailer

Bezzy mate Alan ‘Crossjunkie‘ Dorrington’s ‘own’ ride – the Ronde Van Oost Lancashire – is in its fourth year now and growing exponentially in popularity each time round.  It’s on the 31st March this year and I’m getting all little-biy-excited again for a lovely “grovel on the cobble” day out.  Especially good this year is that it&# ...[Read More]

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