A change of direction.

A change of direction.

It’s 4 weeks now since I dislocated my shoulder (for the third time) and had what I now see as an epiphany. I was unceremoniously dispatched to the tarmac at the Colne Grand Prix about a week after hearing that I needed surgery on the shoulder. It was inevitable in hindsight that it was going to pop out when my next crash came.  Anyway… that’s the physical. It’s the mental ...[Read More]

National Cyclocross Championships 2013 – Peel Park, Bradford.

National Cyclocross Championships 2013 – Peel Park, Bradford.

My favourite venue for cyclocross outside of Helwith Bridge. This year’s Nationals were at Peel Park again.  The rain held off much to my disgust int he days before. I like it more cloggy and technical, but on race day, Peel Park never lets you down – it’s a terrific venue with so much technique called upon even on the less muddy years. So here’s race day, in as few words a ...[Read More]

Cyclocross: All of the faff

Cyclocross: All of the faff

It’s the National Championships at the weekend, and time to reflect as the season approaches its finale. Cyclocross is a strange sport. It breeds and harbours obsessives. For a discipline that involves belting around muddy fields, there is an inordinate amount of fine-tuning, preparation and finesse… from the meticulously exact tyre pressures for the conditions in the correct tubulars ...[Read More]

Rapha Supercross. Super. And ‘cross.

Rapha Supercross.  Super.  And ‘cross.

I was unlucky (for want of a better word) last year when I had to miss the inaugural Rapha Supercross and instead watched it with a broken collarbone.  My turn finally came yesterday. In a slightly disappointing turn of events, the opportunity for Planet X to field a team in the invitation-only elite race came and went – to my mild frustration.  Yes – I’d happily admit to being o ...[Read More]

The 2012 Three Peaks Cyclocross:

Penyghent Lane

I’m tired. It’s probably not the best time to do this, but it’s important to try and gather thoughts fairly soon whilst still fresh in the head. My 16th attempt at the three peaks Cyclocross yesterday was a tough one. It was the same for everybody who took part. The weather forecast had been bad, and it turned out to be a very accurate forecast on the day. Everybody was mentally ...[Read More]

Holcombe Moor – Summer Passes to Autumn

Holcombe Moor – Summer Passes to Autumn

A short film about the hill on my doorstep.  I’m very lucky to have such a great, varied and interesting bit of moorland to the immediate west of my home.  This film shows the fun and play aspect of Mountain Biking which melds into the grind of cyclocross training in the early autumn.

Hit the North 3: It’s not about the bike(s). A science experiment.

So… my grand idea for Hit the North this year was to lay to rest any speculation that it’s faster on a ‘cross bike or mountain bike. In a two hour race, I would race half on one and half on the other. After a second place in 2011 at this tough-but-cuddly suburban event inside of the M62 circle, I felt in a good position to prove in incredibly unscientific fashion whether the bike ...[Read More]

Don’t get ‘cross? Get even.

Cyclocross, Shrewsbury

January 15th: The year has ended. The last cyclocross race of the season and all too soon it’s time to hang up the racing wheels and have a few months of more bike fun and less training.  A glass half full person like me never gets too worried about things like that. No matter how much I just love cyclocross I know it’s good because it’s a limited season. All your round just woul ...[Read More]

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