More than 3 Peaks

I really enjoyed the 2018 3 Peaks fell race. I took a ten year gap following a ‘never again‘ moment in 2007 after my second finish.  Both had been respectable finishes under 4 hours and I’d have been happy to put the pain of that race behind me and leave it to gently subside.

3 Peaks cyclocross 2015: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”

I’ve never read The Tale of Two Cities but that incredibly well-known opening line from a novel sums up my 2015 3 Peaks. Okay – it wasn’t quite the worst of times – far from it – but when things are going really well, it seems to emphasise the problems when they come.  And they came.  But more …

Personal Worst: 3 Peaks Cyclocross 2011

I had a bad sleep last night.  My clavicle broken into two pieces is reasonably easy to get comfortable when I’m upright and in a sling, but lying in bed it’s hard to.  But that’s what this is about, to an extent… getting comfort and keeping still when you get there.

3 peaks shoulder

n. Medical Term. An impairment of health or a condition inflicted by carrying a bicycle up steep hillsides repeatedly, in obsessive manner.