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Whilst the nation is grasped in the four-yearly passion for curling, it occurred to me that this rather fascinating and addictive niche sport may just be the way to get the sport I love – cyclocross – into the Winter … Continue reading

A proper season off

Feet up © 2013 Dave Haygarth. All rights reserved.

It’s the first cyclocross season I haven’t raced a single race since about 1994. If someone had told me a couple of years back that I was going to miss a whole season I’d have laughed at the unlikelihood of … Continue reading

Lily’s Eleventh

Chocolate Fondue © 2013 Dave Haygarth. All rights reserved.

Don’t get me started on the ‘they grow up quick’ thing. Lily, who was a babe in arms the day before yesterday, was eleven yesterday. Lovely quiet but perfectly formed day including a day’s leave for me bit of tolerable … Continue reading

A change of direction.

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It’s 4 weeks now since I dislocated my shoulder (for the third time) and had what I now see as an epiphany. I was unceremoniously dispatched to the tarmac at the Colne Grand Prix about a week after hearing that … Continue reading

Codeine brings relief

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I’ve written a bit before here about how mountain biking is a lovely antidote to the routine of training for road and cyclocross racing.  It’s a busy life and with a lot to pack in (read:compromise), a direct consequence is … Continue reading

Lily’s Gone to the Dogs

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It’s normal for a ten year old to have a bit of love for animals.  Lily’s always been very enthusiastic about dogs, big cats, and horses in particular.  They’re definitely her thing.  You can feel the enthusiasm glowing from her … Continue reading