Lily’s Gone to the Dogs

Pesky Husky © 2013 Dave Haygarth. All rights reserved.

It’s normal for a ten year old to have a bit of love for animals.  Lily’s always been very enthusiastic about dogs, big cats, and horses in particular.  They’re definitely her thing.  You can feel the enthusiasm glowing from her … Continue reading

Elsie’s 5th

Elsie's Fifth Birthday © 2013 Dave Haygarth. All rights reserved.

Another year older… my littlest girl enjoyed her 5th birthday on 24th May.  The last day before half term, Elsie’s return home from school was a double-treat, and we shared a great day with close Grandparents and a few local … Continue reading

Strava: The film

Strava KoM © 2013 Dave Haygarth. All rights reserved.

I recently wrote about a love hate relationship with Strava.  The app that bikes back doesn’t want to go away. Some try to sue them, love, some hate, but it’s not quite like Marmite – as we all seem to … Continue reading

Time Trialling: Ten Years Gone

Circuit of the Dales © 2013 Dave Haygarth. All rights reserved.

It’s almost exactly ten years since my last time trial. I had ups and downs in my against-the-clock racing between the ages of 17 and 33, but on an April Sunday in 2003, I rode the local Hilly Time Trial … Continue reading

Music: Met Marc & Mogwai

on-one © 2013 Dave Haygarth. All rights reserved.

It was a breath of fresh air. Something very different, and very special to light up the middle of a working week. My friend Richard, a friend since the age of about 4, with whom I have been in a … Continue reading

Hit the North 4: Field of Dispair

8480990405_bca8eb94d9_b © 2013 Dave Haygarth. All rights reserved.

The “Field of Despair” is a melodramatic, semi nonsense term, applied to about 150 metres – if that – of almost unnoticeable uphill grass on Hit the North.  Hit the North, a low-key, well attended, high fun race, is good at bigging things … Continue reading

Cyclocross: All of the faff

IMG_9650-001 © 2013 Dave Haygarth. All rights reserved.

It’s the National Championships at the weekend, and time to reflect as the season approaches its finale. Cyclocross is a strange sport. It breeds and harbours obsessives. For a discipline that involves belting around muddy fields, there is an inordinate … Continue reading

We’re offski

ski © 2012 Dave Haygarth. All rights reserved.

Just a minor blog update – more to capture my thoughts rather than anything else I was brought up on skiing, and was very very lucky to have some family holidays in the Alps and in Scotland when I was … Continue reading